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Default Re: When is it dropping?

Originally Posted by Mark Ziebarth View Post
Thanks seanob99, I'm very interested in your findings. Maybe you can post a picture to show the cable problem?



I have since read that the riser that was installed for the iPad mini makes the iPad lean forward and using a standard size iPad I did have to thread the cable in front of the unit in between some soft knobs. If I take out the riser the cable is indeed out of site but I don't like the angle the iPad sits so I'll continue to use the riser and feed the cable in front. No Problem. In my previous post I also mentioned that some of the automation buttons were not working. I installed the latest user / app sets and all problems seem to be fixed. I need to start from scratch customizing the things I had set up before.

So regarding the dock needing 12.5 I can say its working just fine with 11.3.2 I'm not ready to update a stable working 11 system in the middle of some projects. Upgrading from the artist control to the dock is enough change for now.
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