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Default Re: Anybody switched to a Macbook Pro Thunderbolt Native from Mac Pro Native?

I swapped my second rig from a 2008 8-core Mac Pro w/Native Card to a 2012 MBP (non retina) with the Helios thunderbolt chassis and it works great.

Only 2 issues: 1) The Helios cooling fan is a bit loud, it wouldn't be good if you wanted to do tracking anywhere near it. I do editing so not an issue for me. 2) Since it's a laptop rig I unplug it from the Thunderbolt chain ever night to take the laptop home. Sometimes the next morning I have to restart the system to get it to see the Helios after plugging it all back in. Always works fine again after a restart though.

As far as performance it's at least on par with what it replaced, possibly even a little more power on hand with the laptop. The 15" MBP can hold 16gb of RAM which is what I have in there.
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