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Default Re: AudioSuite results in "unable to create a new audio file on drive"

Originally Posted by Eric Seaberg View Post
IYou must record audio to an external firewire drive (USB drives are not supported, either).

If it's been working up to this point, you've been lucky.
That sounds ridiculous. If PT was depending on an external FireWire HD to work it would exclude most people working on a laptop with M-Audio devices, who only have one FW port, since that port is used for the soundcard.

I can see that this troubleshooting page says so. If it is a fact then that dependency should really be blinking in huge red letters on the product itself so that people know that before buying the software (and the other dependency - the soundcard).

Still, I can record in multichannel just fine, but offine AudioSuite processing is not working. If it is a disk I/O problem then it is a strange one and surely not a fault of the hardware not meeting standards.
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