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Default Re: Korg NanoKontrol & PT LE

Originally Posted by dodgers12 View Post
I'd really appreciate if someone could email me at

I'm just looking for help with this on PT8...My comp wont read the CS-10 dll file, it may have to do with the digidesign file only be a PT 7.4 file, not an 8.0. Not to mention if anyone could send me the best .nktrl_set file, that'd be ridiculously generous. Thanks.
Okay...Check this out. I'm not sure what this .nktrl_set file is but you can download everything that you need from the Korg website. Also....Sweetwater has step by step instructions on how to set the NanoKontrol up with Pro Tools (and they have already found the links for you..) Follow the link

I haven't set it up yet but this will be the 1st thing I attempt to do when I get home. I hope this helps everyone.
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