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Default Re: Korg NanoKontrol & PT LE

Originally Posted by vsr600 View Post
I got it to work using the CS-10 legacy support...
it was a bit of a pain programming it though, make sure it's set
to send on Midi Channel 16 and note the CC#'s listed in the PT help file
are in hexadecimal and need to be converted to decimal before you put them into Korg's editor. Also I couldn't get the pan to really work at all, I have one of the buttons set to change the mode and even when I'm in the right mode it won't select the channel for panning unless there's a plugin activated somewhere... i dunno it's weird...
Originally Posted by vsr600 View Post
hmm I can't post files... just pm me your email
Hello. I am having the same issue as the everyone else. Could you send me the correct file via email? bambu.asiatic @

Thank you in advance!
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