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Default Complicated routing question involving 001, 003 and a mixer

Ok here goes - hopefully some kind and awesome soul has the answer! I have a G4 w/ digi001, One pair of monitors and one 18 channel mixer (all my synths go into the mixer as well). The mixer is connected to: the main outs on the 001 (channels 1 &2 on the mixer), the front two inputs on the 001 for tracking (sub outs 1&2 on the mixer) and to the monitors (control monitor outs on the mixer). I just bought a Mac Pro w/ 003 and I'm trying to figure out how to connect it to my current set up so I don't have to keep disconnecting the 001. Any idears? Is it as simple as taking the 3rd and 4th (or whichever tracks) on the mixer, putting them into the main outs of the 003 and connecting any two Sub outs on the mixer to any two inputs on the 003?
Essentially the equation looks like = 001+003+ one pair of monitors + mixer =????
Mac Pro 2 X 2.8 GHz Quad-Core, 12 GB RAM, Digi 003,
10.5.3, 7.4.2
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