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Default Re: PT 7.3.1 to PT 9---OSX 10.4.11 to Snow Lepoard

Originally Posted by keithmac View Post
Since 7.3.1 does not run on 10.6, when I purchase and install the PT upgrade will it recognize and install correctly on the new OSX?

Getz- If using your method would I potentially run into problems using the same drive that the PT application is on as my drive for all of my PT Sessions?
Your PT sessions can, and should be on a separate drive than your system drive. When you w-click your session, it will call up whatever PT app that is active at the time. For instance, I have a 1TB drive for my system, and any other apps that "have" to be installed on the system drive, then I have a 1.5TB for my PT, DP, Logic sessions, and session audio files etc..... then all of my samples, sounds, loops etc, are on a 2TB drive. This leaves another drive that I can use for a different start-up OS if necessary. It has worked for me in the past, and I had no problems with this. I did have a meltdown because my wife accidentally tripped he main breaker while I was working on a project Fried the system, but not the other drives, so session data, audio files, and samples, etc were fine The only things that were lost, was some photos, apps(which were re-installable), and my sleep. 1TB worth of apps, and things is a lot to re-install.
By using a separate drive until you have Snow + PT9 working the way you want it to is a great idea. From 8 to 9 is not such a big step, as from 7 to 9. Leop, and Snow, are a bit different as well. Some things that ran on Leop, will not run on Snow. That in itself can interfere with the workflow that you are accustomed to.
Hope this helps.
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