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Default Re: NEW UPDATED Room Calibration for Film and TV Post

Hi guys,

thank you for this great thread with lots of useful info !

Got a quick question, I'm on a simple stereo speaker setup in a small room. Calibrated both speakers to 77 dB SPL using the Dolby pink noise provided at the beginning of this thread @ -20 dBFS, played back in PT.

My ART SPL-8810 SPL meter seems to be a bit unstable, so I am also using a miniDSP UMIK-1 USB measurement mic which in combination with sensitivity data and REW can be used as a pretty accurate SPL meter.

Results match the physical SPL meter, but the measurement mic is more stable in the readings.

My question is whether it is normal that the SPL values have a range of 1 - 1.5 dB difference when playing back the Dolby pink noise ?

So when calibrating to a specific SPL value, what value would you choose to decide what level the signal is at (since the SPL values keep moving around) ? Are you rounding up or down ?

In my first calibration I ended up using the average SPL option in REW, which averages the SPL values over time and gives me a fixed number... do you think that is okay ?

Thank you for your help !
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