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Default Re: limits of BFD lite?

Originally Posted by rcwilk View Post

I am new to drum software. I've played around with the BFD lite that came with protools le 7.4 and noticed most of the options are turned off, it looks like there is a lot of pitch to upgrade.

But what are the limits? I have two questions related to this..

1. Is there a way to search online for BFD lite files that are pre-constructed? I'm not all that great with creating the rhythms I want some pre-constructed - I wasn't all that happy with the selections offered.

2. Is there a way to add on more to BFD lite, or is this version fixed where it is?


1. You can use any MIDI drum files to trigger bfd. Groove monkey offers a large selection that are already in bfd format, so you can open them up in the groove librarian.. There are other sources for drum MIDI files too.. Just do some searching on google

2. No. You need to buy the upgrade to get more sounds, etc.. I am sure it is worth it... I personally have not been able to justify it ($200 I think?) since my needs are basic.. Maybe if I do well at the casino some time..
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