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Default Re: C'mon Man!!!!

You're clearly don't have a clue do you. A Hackintosh, legal or not, I could care less, works by you installed many 'hacked' KEXT files that make it work. You have no Apple bios. It's not an orthodox solution. None of us, not one, one a REAL apple system, are having any issues even close to what you are relating.

Hence, it's YOUR SYSTEM STUPID. If you want to run a Hackintosh, fine, I could care less. But stop pretending you're running an 'Apple' system, you're not. You're running HACKED CODE to make it work on your PC hardware. Fine, so be it. I built a Hackintosh as well years ago, actually two of them. It was so buggy and had so many issues anytime you wanted to update the software, I gave up on it.

But don't sit here, and tell us, the ENTIRE DUC, that you know more than us. Honestly, we have no idea why Vienna runs your plugins and PT doesn't. PT code for sure is behind the times.

But your problems have nothing to do with Hyperthreading. They just don't. My current mix session is running about 650+ tracks, about 150 live plugins, and I haven't had any issues. So even though you hate to hear it, the problem is you.

Originally Posted by roboman01 View Post
You heroes know nothing!!! I have 2 MacBook Pros, one 15" and one 17"...Because I built my own Mac Pro you are saying its not legal? If this is the case then why does Apple allow installation of OS X on any supported hardware? Apple hardware is nothing more than the regular PC people have at home, Apple just puts their "Apple Logo" on it and say "Hey look we have our own product" but inside the case is a Gigabyte motherboard, Intel Processor and Corsair memory. Think of it like this, HP sells computers with Microsoft pre-installed, so does that mean I cannot install Linux on that computer? What Apple did was take an OS and try to make it their own and Apple knows in COURT they would lose the argument of people installing that OS onto any system. What the courts have decided in the past was people cannot SELL them but the court said people can install OS X onto any PC they choose because if they couldn't it would be a monopoly since Apple opened up on using Intel Processors. Trust me I know more about this than most of you do, I've been building these machines since I think it was around 2006. I've built over a 1,000 PCs, dozens of servers (mickey softs) and a few OS X Servers. Now I am not saying I know everything because I don't but don't sit here and belittle people because they choose to buy OS X and install it on the same hardware that Apple uses. I buy everything, I don't pirate nothing and I surely don't steal like some of you on here do. I've paid over $5k for the software I have from originally purchasing Pro Tools, then the upgrade now the monthly subscription. I've purchased Akai Pro Studio only to be thwarted by Akai on the current "Aka Software" to force people to buy the upgrade. I've paid what close to $500 for Omnisphere 2 then the $400 for Keyscape, thousands of dollars for ReFX and their expansions, approx $4k for my Korg Kronos X and thousands of dollars for the expansions.

So trust me I know a lot more than you think. But nobody has answered why whenever I load a plugin into Pro Tools 2018 I get dropouts but if I load VEP5 then load the plugin that way its fine, no issues at all. And please do not say its my hardware because its not. Its most likely something software side and it could be within OS X itself. So, I have install High Sierra on one of my other SSDs, which I have 10 HDDs, 4 which are SSDs and all operating systems are installed on the SSDs. I will test that out to see if it makes a difference.

I've never complained about Pro Tools except their subscription stunt so now I complain something legit and boom I get hammered for it. So the way I see it, no wonder a lot of people don't come on here because of people like some of ya who are arrogant and selfish.

Yes I Googled and EVERY single link pointing to the forums the MODERATOR always says "Turn off HT"....Its 2019 and when MODs are telling people to turn of HT that shows me Pro Tools is not setup for HT like every other DAW is. You show me one other DAW besides Pro Tools that is not setup for HT I will shut up. I have used Logic and others and they support HT perfectly.


One last thing I had no issue until this last update!!! So think about it...Geez instead of arguing with people maybe some should think of helping or giving advice. If you come in a post just to argue on what a person has installed maybe its best to just shut up and don't post at all!!! Very selfish people in this world and I mean very selfish!!!

Good day!!!
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