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Default Re: JV2080 midi patch files

I'm having the same issues with finding the sound library for my Roland 2080 in pro tools 7 LE. I also have the following expansion cards installed in my 2080. I did find the sound library for each of my cards on plant groove but they were not converted into midnam file. The only card they didn't have was the experience III sound library.
I'm also trying to locate the sound library for my EMU Classic Keys it's listed on digicakes website but gives an error when I try to open the file.

Bank A: KEYBOARDS OF THE 60's & 70's Expansion Board (SR-JV80-08)
Bank B: BASS AND DRUM Expansion Board (SR-JV80-10)
Bank C: HIP HOP Expansion Board (SR-JV80-12)
Bank D: WORLD Expansion Board (SR-JV80-05)
Bank E: ASIAN Expansion Board (SR-JV80-14)
Bank F: HOUSE Collection Expansion Board (SR-JV80-19)
Bank G: ORCHESTRAL Expansion Board (SR-JV80-02)
Bank H: Experience III SR-JV80-97)

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