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Default Re: Takamine Disaster II - Resurrection!

Originally Posted by Muddy-T View Post
Some of you may remember my post about what happened to my dear old Tak 12 string from a couple of years back.
It left off with me waiting for a response/action from Takamine. That never materialized.

To quote Loudon Wainwright III; "I put the remains in its case and I put that case away." And that, as they say, was that.

Then, about six months ago, one of the guys in the band introduced me to a friend of hers who had done some fantastic work on some of her stringed instruments.

So I took my dead guitar and left it with Erick, builder of weird banjo's and self taught luthier. With some TLC, elbow grease and a batch of marine grade epoxy he managed to bring baby back to life. Incredible job!

So, by way of thank you to those who offered support, solutions and great ideas here back then I'm posting this Good-News-Everyone! sequel.

Thanks all!

Looks great! Does my little eye spy a strip of binding on the back of the bridge where the crack would be? Nice touch if that's so
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