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Default Re: New windows 10 update performance improvement?

Originally Posted by DonaldM View Post
If I understand the article correctly, the number of plugins you can run might not be limited anymore, but that won't effect CPU limits. You can still only run as many plugins as CPU will allow. Is that correct?

Every once in a while I get the error window telling me I've got too many plugins running in PT. I assume its because of the issue that Windows is now fixing. But, how does that help with CPU limits?

I'm not a computer software engineer, so a lot of this deep under the hood stuff can get confusing for me.
You are correct in the fact that this update does nothing for the CPU limits. Your computer, and PT, will still be limited by what your CPU can do.

I'll try to explain what this fix does....
When a plug-in is built, it links to certain common system dlls. There are two ways of referencing these system dlls from the plug-in; dynamically and statically.

Now let's say we have two plug-ins; PlugA.aax and PlugB.aax and both of these plug-ins use a file called msvcrt.dll.

If both PlugA and PlugB were built where they dynamically link to the dll, and both plug-ins were loaded in a session, then only one copy of msvcrt.dll would be loaded and only one FLS slot would be used up.

Now if either PlugA or PlugB were built where they statically link to the dll, and both plug-ins were loaded in a session, then two copies of msvcrt.dll would be loaded and two FLS slots would be used.

Now, a single plug-in uses a lot of linked dlls and probably only a handful of them are shared, plus there are reasons for statically linking, so just switching to dynamic wouldn't alone clear this up.

The increased FLS limit allows for more instances of a single instance of a dll to be loaded, which allows more plug-ins to be loaded.

Hope that helps a bit.
Will K

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