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Default PT2018.10 - No Digidesign Cards found...

I hate starting a new thread, because I cannot be the only lucky one :) but today after AppManager downloaded and upgraded my functioning PT 2018.7 to 2018.10, I can no longer open any sessions with audio at 48 kHz, and in fact cannot seem to utilize my audio interface which is clearly chosen in startup.

The message I get is:
The current playback engine does not support a sample rate of 48 kHz
Now before you smash reply, keep reading please.

I go to Setup->Hardware to see if PT launched using Windows Audio like it usually does (75% of the time, mind you) instead of my Mackie DL32R audio interface, and now I am greeted with a whole new horror I have never seen before:

There are no Digidesign Cards in the system
Now before you smash reply, keep reading please.

I have held down the "N" key, and selected my Mackie interface when prompted - soon as the project chooser appears, I pick my 48 kHz project, and (see above) all that happens.

I have >also< trashed PT preferences (the %appdata% thing) and still the same issue.

Being a USB device, I have in fact also disabled >all< power management on USB devices in Device Manager (learned this when I first got a USB interface!) so it isn't a sleepy device problem.

And finally: I have never owned a digidesign card, and my PT version is whatever-consumer-version-upgraded-since-PT9, so I am pretty sure I did not mistakenly install some uber-studio version that requires cards in my computer.

After all, 4 days ago, I was running PT 2018.7 just fine. For now, I will re-install 2018.7 to get my work done, but posting this as I'd like to get updates I deserve being a paying subscriber.

Specs: Windows 10 x64, 12GB ram, 1TB SSD (plenty o room), Mackie DL32R interface, and of course now, PT 2018.10, hobbled.

Editorial commentary:
Using Pro Tools has become a hindrance to my productivity, as I spend easily upwards of 2 hours per session just trying to coax the software to find my USB audio interface. The only interface that does not require this much effort is the 003 Control Surface from my original package deal back in 2011... however, the 003 no longer serves my studio needs, so it's not an option to just use that interface.

To anyone who read all this and didn't just smash Reply and tell me to reboot, thank you and I look forward to any advice.


Edit: fwiw, just to be sure it wasn't the Mackie, I moved over to the iMac and PT+Mackie work perfectly. Sigh, Windows... it might be time to bid you a farewell.
iMac 5K Retina/32GB RAM/2TB Fusion/MacOS 10.13.6/PT2018.12 - Hardware: 003, Mackie DL32R, MOTU Express 128

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