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Default Re: First Air Instruments Bundle Install fails with Update to PT 2018.1

Can you do a Search to see if you've got Structure Free or Structure, or Mini Grand or Boom installed?
These 3 are all you get in the First Air Instruments Bundle.

Xpand!2_18.1 has its own separate Installer.

If you have earlier versions of Structure Free, Mini Grand, Boom and Xpand!2 installed, they should be uninstalled before installing the latest version.
Save your User Presets to the Desktop (or wherever) - these can be added to the new Presets later

Search for a Mac equivalent to this article:
How To Perform A Clean Removal Of Pro Tools 11 or 12 Ready To Install A Newer Version On Windows
Posted on November 26, 2015 by Neil Hester

Once you're "clean as a whistle" - download & open
First AIR Instruments Bundle 18.1 Installer (Mac) 1.06 GB
On Windows, there's a Content Installer, as well as the App
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