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Default Re: First Air Instruments Bundle Install fails with Update to PT 2018.1

Originally Posted by unkJE View Post
Pro Tools 18.1 First AIR Instruments include Structure Free (confusingly titled Structure, but it’s not the Full version), Mini Grand and Boom.

Xpand!2_18.1 has its own separate Installer.

Pro Tools
Avid Effects
First AIR Instruments

Downloaded First AIR Instruments from my Avid account – extracted to Desktop: ‘Run as Administrator’ - App Manager now sees it as ‘Current’
Thanks. I think I will check this next time, see Wizzoboys suggestion.
I have fine pianos from Modartt Pianoteq, Boom, when I first heard it, was ahem not so convincing... I didn't try out "structure free". I am not in a hurry with that, apparently.
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