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Default Re: Fine Adjustment 12.6 = Showstopper

Originally Posted by Kyle Splittgerber View Post
Hi Guys,

In 12.6, Grid Toggle was introduced. This allows the Command (Mac) or Control (Win) key to temporarily enable or disable Grid. Before 12.6, you could only use Command/Control to suppress Grid when in Grid mode, but could never enable Grid when in Slip. This change is a significant improvement to editing in Pro Tools.

However, this change means Command/Control can no longer be used for fine breakpoint adjustment. So, we had to make a trade off. That trade off is that Shift+Command (Mac) or Shift+Control (Win) to now required for fine breakpoint adjustment with the Grabber tool. Keep in mind, this change only affects Slip mode. Shift+Command (Mac) and Shift+Control (Win) were always required for fine breakpoint adjustment in Grid mode before 12.6 (as Command/Control was used to suppress Grid mode).

Also, be aware that the order the modifier keys are pressed impacts the behavior. If Shift, then Command/Control is pressed, fine breakpoint adjustment is performed at the current breakpoint location. If Command/Control, then Shift is pressed, Grid will be enabled/disabled first, then fine breakpoint adjustment is performed. For example, if you are in Grid mode and you want to drag a breakpoint off Grid then perform fine breakpoint adjustment, hold Command/Control and drag the breakpoint to the desired location, then add Shift and drag breakpoint vertically. Same logic in Slip mode. Another example, if you are in Slip mode and want to stay in Slip mode and perform fine breakpoint adjustment, drag the breakpoint to the desire location, press Shift first then Command/Control and drag breakpoint vertically.
I do understand how this works now. And that ist the problem.

No possibility to set, fine adjust and horizontally move a breakpoint in one step.

And that is what you do 1000+ times a day. In the older days on the volume graph. Now for some time in clip gain and volume.

Hold command set, move and finetune the point in one step. This was possible while playing back. Making PT a killer in dialog editig.

Now this is not possible anymore. Not only that you will need at least two steps. Now moving horizontally while fine adjusting is not possible anymore at all. Not only doubling the work, but completely changing a fundamental behaviour that has been there for years.

Again. You are not able to finetune and move a breakpoint at the same time anymore. How could that be any kind of improvement.

In trade for something I completely don't understand.

In grid mode it was always possible to use modifiers to move thing in between the grid. And beeing in slip mode I do not see the need to "shortcut" to grid mode too often. Something that is rarely used. This could have been made possible through the use of more than one modifier without changing fundamental behaviour of PT.

At least for me this new "feature" ruins the editing speed of PT and will make it impossible for me to update. Even though there are long awaited improvements.
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