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Default Re: Gospel Music Anyone?

Probably over half of the projects we do here are Gospel, CCM or Contemporary praise and worship.

In April we finished a project for Calvary Chapel that is now being played coast to coast on the CSN Radio network.

The entire project was recorded on PTLE using the Digi001 and a Digimax.

Other projects over the past couple years have included traditional gospel soloists, duets, quartets, CCM bands and in March we got the chance to record a world renouned Russian Vocal chorale known as "The Kamchatka Vocal Ensemble".

Another Christian music project included a wonderful Christmas CD for St. James Catholic Church in St Joseph Missouri that featured vocals by Steve Walsh the lead singer for the Rock Group Kansas

We've recorded on analog 16 track here since 1985 and adding PTLE and Digi001 has been the best move we've ever made. It makes us productive enough and economical enough to where those budget minded CCM and Gospel groups can afford to get some great sounding recordings. Thanks DIGI.

Our project studio and some examples are at
C Ya, Stan
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