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Default Re: How to go from Apple TV digital out to MTRX?

Not sure going Dante to just get analog would make sense.

Do you have something like an RME ADI-192 DD you can borrow? That gets you SRC (pretty sure it regens off the input clock at the same sample rate) tied to a clock signal. Super handy boxes, but overkill in general for this... but if you can borrow one.

Are other MTRX as touchy for locking to AES/EBU? I'm more guessing your Apple TV may be running a little loose. But if it happens with other stuff...

What computer do you have? Does it have optical in? (I'm guessing from your info you mean a late 2013 trashcan, so no). Maybe consider buying a USB or thunderbolt interface with optical in and switch to Pro Tools Standard while importing that S/PDIF input.
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