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Default Re: Idea Scale - please vote - Midi Feature Request

Originally Posted by Carl Kolchak View Post
For example, something I often do initially when programming MIDI drums / samples etc, is get the part down on a single MIDI track (kick, snare, hats etc), and then have Pro Tools split the track by notes.

Now you have a new MIDI track for each MIDI note (i.e. kick, snare 1, snare 2, hi-hat closed, hi-hat mid, hi-hat open etc), which not only gives you the option of having each note trigger a different VI (you could have the kick from BFD, the snare from Battery, the hats from BOOM etc) you can also open the velocity pane below the track lane, and perform the edits you are talking about.

Another often overlooked option, is that you can select MIDI track heights from all the usual choices (Medium, Large, Jumbo etc), but also have the option of single note, allowing you to specify which note you would like to see.

Thirdly, you can also have Pro Tools select every instance of a specific note, and trim their velocity en-masse, for a sledgehammer approach (which in many circumstances is what's required).

Hope that helps you in the mean time.
Another benefit is that you can target separate notes with the realtime editor however, I choose to use Instrument tracks exclusively. They have the same flexibility but they seem to have fewer timing issues when using audio plugs with huge latencies. For some reason, my midi tracks get out of sync when using Ozone 5 or the like on the master fader. So I create multiple Instrument tracks but only load one instrument like drums or a multitimbral instrument like Xpand. I assign the midi outputs of the empty instrument tracks in the dropdown menus to the appropriate channel of a multi channel instrument track or just the drum track instrument.
It gets really fun when you assign the the audio out of individual drums to different auxes too! gotta stay organized!
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