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Default Re: If I use a crap HD to copy audio files, would it cause any problems?

Originally Posted by Southsidemusic View Post
Come on maaaaan

You are asking the same question in 100 different ways

Whats the matter with you!?? How is anyone gonna be able to say what your misuse of your drives is gonna work out ??

You are asking for us to say what you want to be the truth and it won't happen. I am stunned that anyone here are still trying and I emphasise on the word "trying" to set the record straight but as your other thread which is now merged to this new one kept going with suggestions you just keep mangling and mangling the subject.

What is it youu want anyone here to do for you? Do you not understand what we wrote in the 50+ posts regarding this!?

NO ONE can answer what happened when you carelessly let your drive drop to the concrete airport floor. Period! Stop rehashing the same question in different ways. To get to some answer you wanna hear.
I'm beginning to think that we're being played like a cheap violin. 413 has found an audience that was at one time thought he was legitimate and continues to feed him. What's that old saying about not feeding the trolls?
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