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Default Re: Music Plays over vocals?

We have *no* idea what you are doing.

"Load an instrument" what instrument into what exact track? An audio track or an instrument track? If it's an audio recording of an instrument then it needs to be an audio not an instrument track. If it's a MIDI recording/virtual instrument then it needs to be an instrument track.

"Hit the record button" for what? Recording to the same or a separate track? Again, an audio or instrument track? Recording exactly what (in plain English)? A vocal microphone (what exact model mic plugged into what hardware/interface). etc. e.g. some basic description that people here have any chance of workign out what you are actually doing. Which is why you were pointed at the "Help us help you..." link.

But stepping back, it seems you are just getting started and have never used Pro Tools before? Or any other DAW? If so the random-walk try things and ask questions approach is almost certainly going to fail. You should start with playing with sample/demo sessions that came with Pro Tools, following basic tutorials, especially looking at lots of the useful beginner videos on You Tube, and reading the Pro Tools Reference Guide (it's huge but fantastic). Then if you are stuck on a specific thing come back here an ask a question for that, ideally quoting where in what demo/tutorial/instructions you are having problems. Pro Tools is just unfortunately so complex that just trying to fumble through using it often ends in tears (or takes much longer than starting with tutorials/documentation etc.).

If you have a question about recording stuff to tracks, make clear what you are seeing, are meters moving (on what tracks)? Are waveforms present on the tracks? Post screen shots of the edit window showing things as clearly as possible.
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