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Default Common sense features...Digi please read.

There are a few common sense features that should be added (or should not have been changed) to greatly improve the work flow for PT editors:

- on MIDI or INST tracks (especially while in the new MIDI editor window) please allow the option + click to set the pre-roll as it has for years. Taking this feature away has slowed down my midi editing/recording drastically.

- on the multiple functions of editing tools, please add either a pref or a lock for F-key users. I use F-keys so I never have to take my hand off of the keyboard. However, anytime you hit an f-key twice, the tool takes on a different function that, if not caught by the user, could RUIN A SESSION!

- add a pref for turning off the "double click deletes midi note" function. Many times when trying to move a midi note you click twice...when interpreted as a "double click" that note gets deleted. this kills the workflow and creativity!

- In beat detective, add a pref so that when you delete a trigger, BD doesn't add one or two others. This just adds time to the already time consuming and tedious process of editing tracks.

- Add a lock function to relative grid so that if you only work in absolute (like most people do), you don't accidently switch to relative.

- When accidently trying to move a locked region, the dialog box warning defaults to "allow." This is counterintuitive. It should default to "cancel!!!!!" The region is locked for a reason. It shouldn't be one enter/return command away from being moved! Especially since in previous versions, the enter/return command would just cancel out the dialog box!

I have submitted hundreds of feature requests trying to get these features added/changed. However, version after version they remain the same, or the problem gets worse! If you guys have the time to spend on changing the I/O setup box to be resized, then you can spend the time to add a few features that add to the speed and ease of the editing process!
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