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Default Sudden BFD problem

Recently, when using BFD, Pro Tools takes ages to play or record. Often I'll get the message telling me to try increaing my hardware buffer, which I do. This sometimes helps, sometimes it doesn't. It seems to do this only with BFD. I've tried other sessions with various synths and sample collections (Sampletank 2 XL, Arturia CS-80V etc) and the sessions work everytime. I've even created a session which uses Sampletank and works fine, then added BFD only to see the same problem.

Occasionaly the problem gets less severe, usually if I give it twenty minutes or so. I've recently installed BFD XFL and the latest update but this was happening before then. I'm using Pro Tools 6.9 by the way. I have a 3.0ghz P4 and 1gb of RAM (possible reason, but why did this not happen before?)

Anybody got any ideas?

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