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Default Re: Im getting clicks and pops through the recording input of my apollo twin mk2

ok thanks for responding, even if i dont find the problem i just wanted to let you know how much i appreciate you trying to help me. i tried just about everything you mentioned besides unplugging everything in the house. you mentioned my mic pre, i run it through my avalon 737. i never mentioned my mic pre though because i unhooked my apollo, plus the cpu, and my mic and took it as far away from it as i could. i hooked it up on the other side of the house and tried using my apollo as a standalone, straight through the mic input. i even went and bought some brand new mic cables. im kinda thinking the same as you, it may be some electrical interference causing the problem. i just thought i was wrong. sowhat im about to do is unhook everything in the house and see how that works
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