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Default Re: Im getting clicks and pops through the recording input of my apollo twin mk2

Some capitalization and paragraph breaks would make reading this a lot easier.

If Pro Tools is not involved you may get more help from UAD support.

What exactly do you mean by clicks and pops? In Pro Tools are these being created at playback or are they being recorded into the audio? (You see them on the waveform?). If so post a recording online somewhere like Soundcloud and post a link to that link here. It's a similar question for he console... the clicks could be on the input side or the output side (e.g. they even might be in you monitors... which BTW are what exactly? If needed test with headphones and all the monitor hardware disconnected.) but either way if you see effects in the wave form getting through to Pro Tools you pretty much know it's not an output side issue.

If you create an empty session and drag and drop some mp3 or similar commercial recorded music onto an audio track in that session do you hear clicks and pops when you play it back? (if not then you likely have an input side issue).

If you are hearing stuff through the console then I'd suspect it is electrical interference, but again that could be on input or output. A recording may help folks guess more just by hearing it. Possibly if the UAD Console is itself clocking off a digital input (I can't remember the console enough to know how it handles clocking) and there are problems with that clock source... I am not sure... but if you have an Optical input connected disconnect it.

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