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Default Re: AAE 6101 error - PLEASE HELP

Chris is right, test by getting rid of that external disk. But he must not have noticed you gave all your computer specs so nicely...

So it's this model...

And with the trusty Mac SSD reference at

So fast internal PCIe based SSD, although in the 13" model this is only a 4 x PCIe 2/NVMe connection, the 15" version of that model has 4 x PCIe 3/NVMe.

Still way faster than any old Firewire drive and should be fast enough to run sessions from that internal boot SSD. And with Disk Cache, hell yes.

I am still hoping for the exact specs of that external drive, including it's file system type -- I want to hear it is HFS+ aka "Mac OS Extended" and not NTFS, or FAT32, or exFAT -- more likely say if your previous computers were Windows PCs -- but any of those might help explain your problems).


I would not yet be having anybody look at this Macintosh, especially not an Apple store or somebody else who is not a Pro Tools expert.

With so many things going wrong I would simplify the hell out of everything and just test the most basic stuff again basics. If the basics never worked it makes *no* sense to add plugins etc.

Right now, go for broke: uninstall everything possible. And again check optimization. Unplug everything, external drives, graphics monitors, keyboards, USB hubs etc. Only have an iLok directly connected. Uninstall all UAD software, move all plugins out of the plugin folder. Create a new admin user. Make sure no background or other apps are running.

Check optimization. Including WiFi disabled, Bluetooth disabled. Set disk cache to 2GB and uncheck ignore errors.

And logged in as that new admin user create a new empty session (not a clone, not from template) on the internal SSD using built in Output as the playback engine and see if that works at all. If it does then maybe switch to aggregate Built-in Output/Built-In Input and play around and you build up a session. Any problems try trashing prefs, from that Admin user account, carefully making sure to get this right/pick all the right options in peter's tools.


There are lots of reasons things may be messed up and keep being messed up. Look for what could be the same across even seemingly large changes.

e.g. The same external disks are in use... what *exact* drives? What exact *filesystem*? are they corrupt? Any errors being logged in etc. But the first step is to try simplifying and remove that drive.

e.g. Clean MacOS installs were not actually "clean", e.g. somebody used the System Migration utility after a clean install (oops could migrate crapped up drivers, or corrupted preferences between systems) or did an insitu upgrade from an old backup, etc. Or the same incompatible or corrupted installer for some piece of software was run.

e.g. something running that should not be. e.g. iCloud or something else syncing crap in the background (another user on DUC just suspected serious problems with 2018.5... nope, luckily they found it was caused by cloud file syncing). Lots of folks are turning on iCloud crap by default, and leaving WiFi running...

I'm first going to suspect anything that is consisted across things, e.g. maybe you are testing with the same few corrupt session(s) or there is some common thing like an attached external display monitor. Or maybe the session you think are all on the internal drive actually have some media elsewhere, some hidden tracks, some plugin use. Exclude that stuff, e.g. unplug stuff, uninstall stuff, test with new empty sessions.


If things are still not working after the tests above then I would (yes again) do a full clean reinstall of macOS but do it all *yourself*, building a bootable macOS install on a USB stick or similar. Lots of explanation of how to do that on the web. Trust nothing you have, use new downloads from the Apple Mac Store. Install Pro Tools 2018.5 using a new downloaded installer, install the latest ILM using a new downloaded installer. Test from the admin account you set up at the macOS install. Do *NOT* use system migration assistant or manually move anything from the old install or user account to this system.

The probability that consistent problems recoding tracks in Pro Tools are related to hardware issues and you see no other horrible problems, the computer is not panicing or crashing etc. is very very low. But if you take this Mac to an Apple store or other repair shop they have no idea what they are doing with Pro Tools and are likely to want to do *something*...especially if they can charge for it... like check hardware.


Sounds like it might be good to confirm that playing back sessions does or does not also have the same problems as recording?

And there is no discrete graphics option in your MacBook Pro (well there is via Thunderbolt but you don't want to go there). I hope your integrated graphics driving the 13" display should not be causing problems here. And again you should simplify, and remove any external displays (if you are using one).

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