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Default AAE 6101 error - PLEASE HELP

Long story short - My 2015 MacBook Pro won't record one track for more than 2 mins without crashing. No effects.
(1) 3.1 GHz Intel Core i7
(2) 16GB ram
(3) Graphics: Intel Iris Graphics 6100 1536 MB
(4) Protools 2018 & 2019
(5) MacOS 10.13.6
(6) Waves Plug ins
(7) UA Apollo 8p (brand new, works with my old computer)
(8) New Thunderbolt cable

One must service rep told me to remove all of PT and reinstall, I did - - still failed.
I also reinstalled all UA software - still failed.
One told me to start a new user and reinstall - still failed.
The Apple reps tested my RAM - RAM was fine.
They completely wiped my computer and reinstalled 10.13.6.
BRAND new install again of PT and UA - still failed.
FYI - Studio One failed ALSO!!!

I have tried everything online. All people's advice.
I think my Mac is the cause. I have heard people say Intel Graphics cards are protools death. Is this the WHOLE CAUSE?
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