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Default Re: PT 10 all black edit window

The same happens to me as well. The edit window goes black and when I try to select anything, it shows some random red lines and numbers on top of the timeline. Zooming in and out gets the screen back up, but it flickers and I start to get multiple errors.
It happens more often when I have multiple instances of Kontakt. Also, i keep getting errors while trying to save (not enough memory to translate the track).

I have 32gb of ram and I know PT 10 HD only handles up to 4gb max... I have no clue what could be happening. I have about 70 tracks and I am running a video too... (and it is compressed as DV)
Now the job is taking twice as long to complete and I have to restart the computer at least twice an hour in order to be stable for a short period of time.

Anyone experiencing similar problems?

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