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Default Re: Pan and plugin windows follow selection

thats right - it doesnt follow on screen... but the surface does follow.

I find the pan then flip - ( sends the L/R front Rear LFE etc

after that simply 'shift' flip between volume fader and the panner postiioning

i dint think I woul like it ( but actually its - quite usable! solves the I cant grab the sucker when its moving problem

but yeh - the panner window really should follow selected channel!

ps - thanks for letting me know where to post wish lists! I got a few of my own to add - once I log in I will vote yours up

mine gonna be clip layering .... so when I drag in that 5 sec too long bit it doesnt get wiped out,

cutom keys - ( if I send one more clip to the beginon of the sequence with that Y key,,,,,,, )
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