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Default Slaving a video recorder/camera to PT HD transport? Recording synced video with audio

We've been asked to do a VO job where they want synced video of the talents face with the dialogue recordings.

The video doesn't need to be high quality.

My question is how do you slave a (cheap...) video camera to PT's transport. So when you punch in etc the camera records and the timecodes match between the session and the video?

Tools at our disposal, Unitor 8 (with LTC, VITC, in out) and MOTU Digital time piece (SMPTE, LTC, VITC, MTC)

We have a Canopus AV110 firewire interface, is it possible to capture from a camera straight into a PT HD session using the Canopiss?

Also we have another mac with a Blackmagic capture card, possibly we could link the systems?

Sorry if this is a bit vague but i thought this would be the best place to start, hopefully get a poke in the right direction.


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