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Default audio routing with 2 different people on a song

okay so the way ive been routing sessions for just myself is

1.(however many tracks I think ill need for verses,doubles,ad libs. hook, layers etc)
2. I will then have aux tracks for dry verse signal, a verse reverb, verse delay.
3. those will then go into an AUX for a verses sum
4. the same process is applied for the hook as the verses. hook delay aux, hook reverb aux and hook sum aux
5. I will then also have a vocal sum
6. vocal sum goes into master

my question is, im going to be doing a song with a friend within the next week and ill be recording it for us, so when I set his tracks needed for his portion, do I give him his own AUX tracks for his dry signal, reverb, delay etc if needed or do just route his into the same AUX tracks that im using? im sorry if that's a stupid question but ive searched for over an hour and cant find anyone whose asked this question (which means its probably a stupid question lol) I just wasn't for sure if him being routed through the same AUX tracks as me would interfere with how I used them for my vocals, or would that not happen since the time based effects are automated? I guess that would still propose a problem with just the overall levels though. idk lol
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