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Default I'd may need a max expert for this, I think - (re security)

I am trying to set up privacy/security on my G4 tower as I will be sharing it.
I have 2 operating systems (actually 3)

I have all my private info on on hardrive 1 - with a tiger op system.

All my protools and sessions are on interior hardrive 2 - panther op system - which other people are going to use.

- since I am using 2 different op systems - one is still able to access info kept on tiger (hardrive one) if they are operating on the panther (harddrive 2) with pro-tools,

how can I keep my info/documents etc kept on tiger harddrive 1, private and inaccessible for a second party using panther harddrive 2.
Second parties can only access panther.

I was told that one prob is that I they are 2 'different' op systems - but htat there is still a way to keep my tiger info private.

If someone has any ideas, that would be super.
& happy new year
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