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Default Re: How do I download original OS 10.14.0 Installer

Here is the first result for Googling


Avid official support does not track latest releases of macOS near enough to suit many people, in which case your best bet is searching here then asking if needed. And more than just searching it works, look for people complaining loudly of issues--there usually is fast reporting of issues here. And in this case the answer should be obvious.

On your other question, you download and save old macOS installers yourself in case they are needed. Larger studios/professional facilities that need to be on older/consistent macOS versions manage to do all that. If they are *really* needed in future and you did not get them then you can try pleading your case to Apple support. But for just 10.14.5 and likely no convincing reason now I doubt Apple support would give you the time of day.
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