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I think with S1's introduction with same quality components, one has to think of good use cases for deploying the two sets of encoders. As for the tablet meters feature, none of us have working experience with S1 to conclude the meters and other interactive display features have enough value to deal with accommodating the extra vertical space of tablets sticking out above your controller possibly in front of part of your monitor or just have strong preference for the meters embedded on the S3. I think most buying a 5 k controller already have invested in an audio interface. In a live situation the pre's/AVB interface make a lot more sense with S3L. Have to come to terms with maxing out at 16 faders and on flip side, in a tight/mobile situation have the smaller format S1 to literally physically fit were the S3 might not fit.

That extra row of encoders is attractive to me as I am all about less menu diving while editing parameters. But I don't see a lot of chatter on this forum about exploiting them.
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