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Originally Posted by TrackerLe View Post
As Avid implied, the S1 will replace the S3... This unit fade away... It will be supported, but you cannot buy it anymore...
So why?

The S1 has the same hardware components as the S3.

It has one oled row; the s3 has two, but this is no problem...
The S1 has no audio interface, but the interface of the s3 is obsolete for people using HDX and HD Interfaces.
The s3 has cheap metering next to the faders, but with the S1, you donīt need it. With using the s1 with Ipads or Android tablets, you get the S6 Metering. No need for a second row of Oleds, cause with the Displays, you get everything you need. The S3 is not better in quality... S1 uses alp Faders and the same knobs as the S3...

AND THE MOST IMPORTANT thing is, you can use up to 32 Faders with the modular S1. This will never happen to the S3, cause Eddie Jones said, that there are so massiv problems to integrate the 2 S3s.... It will never happen... S3 is EOL... The S1 will be the replacement...
I love my S3, but i will sell it, cause this unit has no future anymore...
And if i think to have 4 S1s, with 4 Ipad Pros... Wow great setup...
Great Metering and perfect visual feedback... Eddie said, that the s3 will be support till 2022, i think...but when the s1 is released, the s3 will vanish from the market...
I think you are correct on the quality level - they are the same.

Eddie from Avid on this forum explicitly stated that the S3 is not EOL. Of course market demand in the future will force these decisions on any of the products including S3.

Interesting how you and other actual S3 owners have different takes on to keep or move to S1.
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