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Default Re: ProTools price adjustments from July 1st.

Originally Posted by Simon2065 View Post
This a all a bit weird. It is like Avid is saying software development is hard and expensive and you guys need to help us out. No, we are your customers or potential customers, you have to make something that we want and then we will buy it. Avid needs to change their culture. I think it would be best if they decided to go back to the old model where they had to come up with a great new version or update because their arse was on the line. That way they could give themselves a good kick. I do not mean this in a bad way.

I don't have any problems paying for Pro Tools but I want to know what I am getting.

The new subscription model won't work unless the product is something that lots of people want.
That's the whole point there, for me anyway. it,s not paying 101% more. It's getting less and less for your money everytime they change their policies. PT 12 arrived with no new features(can you believe that!!) with the promise of regular new updates. It lasted a while and then the new versions were more separate in time. Then PT 2018, new way to name with the .X being the month. Again, the promise that regular updates will come. It lasted a while and now updates are every 6 months.

You can be sure that once they have enough people on subscriptions the monthly price will raise with less features and people will be screwed because they don't have any choice but to continue to pay if they want to use the software or reopen older projects.

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