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Default Re: Possible Bug? Weird behavior when tracking with HDX

Originally Posted by Shan View Post
O.G. Killa, the H/W Buffer is used to handle host based processing, which your post mentions you're using only DSP. Here are the host based processing criteria:

Since you changed the H/W buffer during your initial trouble shooting steps with no change, I'd try a few more things. The next trouble shooting steps I would recommend is changing the number of Host Processors and the CPU Usage Limit. Both can be found in the Playback Engine settings. I'd also reseat the cards and check the cabling going from the I/O to the cards.
They are not in the Playback Engine settings for Version 12 of HDX. Here are the choices I have and the settings...
Playback Engine: HDX (other options are PT Aggregate IO, Built In Output, and HDMI)

H/W Buffer Size: 128 Samples (Choices range from 64 Samples through 1024 samples. I have tried 256, 512 and 1024)

Host Engine: Ignore Errors during playback/record (I have this unchecked)

Number of Voices: 512 (Other option is 256)

Sample Rate: 48KHz (options are all the usual)

Video Engine: Enable (is not checked)

Disk Playback Cache Size: 20GB (options range from 256MB to 60 GB)
Those are the only option in the playback engine window for HDX version 12. You can no longer choose how many host processors you want to use nor can you change your CPU limit.

Also to clarify... I am using DSP plugins on the audio tracks that are record enabled since there is STILL no way to use Native plugins on audio tracks while recording with PT HDX. But the audio tracks in the session that are just for playback are using Native plugins... which is why I tried messing with the HW Buffer... but it didn't do anything... also the only tracks that had any audio problems were the tracks that were record enabled with the DSP plugins on them. All of the native tracks were playing back with no problems throughout this entire situation. I also forgot to mention I tried taking the tracks out of record and putting them back in again. Problem persisted.
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