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Default Re: NVMe upgrade for Mac Pro 4.1/5.1 Mojave

Originally Posted by WorldStudios View Post
I get those messages all the time. I have tried everything. I spent days doing a complete clean install and that might have helped but only marginally. PT crashes reliably on quit. It is probably down to some plugins that I use all the time. It is also very much down to graphics for some reason. Opening some plugins like Ozone 8 (with its busy spectrum analyzer) is triggering this as well. I get better performance, less of these errors, if I disable hyper threading on the Mac and uncheck the “use video engine” in ProTools. But just a little less errors. Long buffer settings help as well. I have to run at least 512. This on the mighty 12 core 3.33 processor.
Very interesting, I just instantiated Ozone 8 on the session that this started on. I will try your other suggestions to see if that will help.

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