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Default Re: ilok manager problem after paid

Just checked the iLok User ID for that case and it still shows your Pro Tools Perpetual, Pro Tools Plan and Avid Falcon AAX licenses activated to iLok Cloud. If you instead want these on your iLok3 then launch iLok License Manager and sign in then select File > Close Cloud Session. You can then activate the licenses to your iLok3 (which was moved to your account).

Your other concern seems related to the expiration date on some iLok licenses. Bonus plug-in licenses tied to the Update Plan get renewed around the original end date of that Update Plan. In your case, the Avid Falcon AAX (now included with PT) should be refreshed around 7/5. The Pro Tools Plan license was included with the original Pro Tools Upgrade and Support Plan ($199US) then included with the Plug-Ins and Support Plan ($99US) then replaced by the Avid Complete Plug-In Bundle ($49US). The latter provides a lot more plug-ins at a cheaper price point.

If needed, please reply to the support case and note which specific license(s) you are inquiring about.
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