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Default Re: Control|24 with Pro Tools 11?

I am not changing my stance on anything. Avid has said that they're not making this driver and I believe that that will be the final word. But I would be happy to be wrong on this. Perhaps that blog will help.

I am asking for civility because if this thing devolves into a pissing match, it will be closed. How will that help our cause?

Our best chance is having people like Bob Ohlsson (Motown Legend) and other working professionals chiming in on this issue. It might turn some heads. Chasing them away by chastising them and turning this thread into 2 or 3 people bickering will make it (and you) irrelevant.

If you believe your time is best spent on this thread and with this issue, god bless ya'. But if we can't keep it civil, you're not going to have a choice.
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