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Default Re: Real CPU Usage vs. Pro Tools System Usage Window

Originally Posted by Barry Johns View Post
Send me a PM, I will let you log into my Avid account so you can download 11.3.2. Avid is so criminal in thier practices these days. No way you should have to pay for that bug fix update!!!!!
I appreciate the offer Barry but looks like my problem lies elsewhere.

Installed Cubase today and copied over the project exactly. Guess what? Same results! About the same idle at 30%, and besides being able to select a new higher buffer at 4096 the active performance was identical. Again, it also reports it's using about 25-30% CPU in Windows despite the 100% load in it's own meter. This is with all levels of their active VST management, high to low. Regardless of whether I'm close to 100%, the Maximum Realtime Audio Processing Load indicator was continuously lit.

The project itself contains about 20 virtual instruments with Serum, Massive, Battery, and Kontakt. There are two aux channels with reverb for different instruments, and finally Ozone 6 on the master fader. All of this is heavy to do in realtime simultaneously, I know, but my CPU isn't even working very hard while the audio glitches out. Session is at 88.2kHz and 32bit.

I've temporarily alleviated the issue by running the session at 44.1kHz instead. I have no reservations about doing so and originally chose 88.2kHz mostly because I could and because I liked the idea of the session values being doubled from the final render at CD quality. However, even with the reduced sample rate, the Pro Tools/Cubase system usage sits around 40-50% when the actual CPU is now sitting closer to 15%. Again, not a good margin.
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