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Originally Posted by joeymakesmusic View Post
Can I jump on this question as well?

I have the same problem with breathy vocals but I can't pinpoint if it's the singer's singing, the hardware, the recording environment, or the effects chain

Apart from using different hardware/recording equipment, how would one go about diagnosing this issue?
First off if those effects are s/w drop them. Record the signal dry or at most with slight compression - I'd use an LA2A type here.

It could well be the singer's delivery and there's not much you can do about that. Take it from experience if you try and get a vocalist to change their delivery you will be in for a LONG session; depends on how you phrase the request. If you say something like 'that was good but let's try something different' that will go over better than saying 'that sucked and you should take up something else than singing'

Make sure the vocalist is comfortably positioned and isn't straining their body or voice to sing into the mic. Also make sure the vocalist isn't tying to sing with a dry set of vocal chords. Different singers have different needs to moisten their vocal chords.

Next thing I'd try is a different mic and make sure you have a pop filter in front of the mic. Maybe try a dynamic mic instead of a large diaphragm condenser. Or even a ribbon mic if you have access to one.
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