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Default Re: Issues connecting PreSonus 16.4.2 to new IMac

Originally Posted by musicman691 View Post
You didn't have to look anything up because I said what it was in parentheses in my original post. I'm not going to repeat it again because it was right there in post #15 and again in post #17.

It's not condescension but frustration when people here post things to help you and you don't read & follow what's right on the page. I'm done trying to help you as I'm sure many others are also done.
Once again, I answered Yes we tried that already previously.

I thought because you dismissed my answer that AMS must mean something else...

I've had several experiences with Pre Sonus & Apple Tech Support. I've NEVER encountered anyone being condescending or talking down to me. Exactly the opposite.. They have been Professionals who want to assist People who need answers & solutions. Not argue & tell us how frustrated they are. Then threats of being done with me.. Wow! What a positive & elevating experience...

Like I said, I've come to expect from some here. It's not constructive.

This Forum could be better but there needs to be less insulting by those who are supposed to be helping. So we don't have to be Defensive..... Neither of us needs it.

In fact I am under the impression that's part of the ?Rules of this Forum....

Talk about frustrated!!!!

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