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Default DAE error- 9060 Pro Tools SE 8.0.3

I'm getting the error message 'DAE error 9060 was encounted' after recording just 20 seconds of audio. The message pops up every time I press play and in every session.
My system is an ASUS with 2.33 GHz intel core 2 quad processor, 4 gig of ram and is running windows Vista.
The audio interface is an M-Audio fast track.
I am recording to an external hard drive (a differant hard drive than the program is installed onto). I have the current adobe flash.
It doesn't seem to be a Vista problem as I tried the program on a Windows 7 laptop and had exactly the same issues.
Please explain why this is happening and how I can solve this issue as I can't record any audio at all because of it. Also every now and then it freezes despite there being little to no audio recorded or recording.
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