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Default Re: Syncing Pro Tools and Roland VS-1880 via MIDI

He suggested that I just transfer 2 tracks at a time through my M-Box and then edit them to line them up by site and sound. I think that is gonna take me some time to get the hang of since I'm just now starting to use the edit features. Any other suggestions? Thanks!
I don't have a Roland VS-1880, but had a few tunes recorded on a Fostex Vf-08. I had to transfer the tracks 2 at a time into PTLE. If the Roland has a midi out, connect that to the midi in, and on the transport bar select the wait for midi note, hit record on PTLE, and then when you press play on the Roland it should start recording. I'd start both at absolute 0. It should help you line all the tracks up a bit easier.

Hope that helps.
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