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Default Re: Loop Sync issues

Originally Posted by steins View Post
Thanks for replying! I think I understand this matter better now. I will try the different combinations.

Regarding termination; my current setup is distributed wordclock from BigBen to each interface. The BigBen is supposed to give a warning light if there are termination issues. AFAIK, the 192's seems to be terminated internal. The rest of my digital I/O chain are terminated properly, either by software setting or a hardware terminator at the end of the chain.

Stein Tore
it wouldn't hurt, [and might help], to terminate the 192s.

but, if i read your post correctly, they are each the only device in their respective "chains". the usual procedure would be to use hardware termination on each of them if they are receiving external clock, but i think i have heard of people getting away with not doing that, especially where the 192 is the only device in the "chain".

with the amount of devices you have to clock, i would not create little sub-chains within the configuration [as in using loop sync for the 192s, or even daisy chaining them with straight word clock].

as long as you have enough outputs on the apogee device to accomodate all of your gear, just send each piece its own synchronous clock [which i think is what you are doing already], using word clock in, and not loop in, on the 192s.
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