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Default Re: HDX card still only shows 256 tracks

Originally Posted by ejsongs View Post
Quite disappointed here over the hdx thing. The ONLY reason I renewed my subscription was for the increased voice count on I am not sure exactly what the $400 was for. I don't know what the "near future" means. Avid could always take the hit and swap out the cards for the 15% user base where the upgrade doesn't work. the simple fact that I've kept current with my subscription should mean something.

Same - Running 7.1.2 FX Sessions for films chews through the voices.

I paid my fee after Xmas, sure in the knowledge that more voices were coming in the 'near future', then I had to wait until May for 2019.5 and what do I get, nothing.... Oh, a new iPad layout for the free Control App, very helpful.

What's the point? Someone mentioned that they thought a HDX firmware update before the summer would sort this out. I'll take a bet on that, as I don't expect we'll be seeing anything new until the winter sets in. By which time, I and few other editors will probably have sold their HDX cards, bought native boxes and have pocketed the change.

I'll accept any reasonable offers for my card, if anyone's looking.
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