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Default Re: PT 11 HD Native Thunderbolt w/ new Mac Pro?

Works perfectly. I have the 6-core with 32gb of ram and it's super solid and super powerful. Been running huge string sample libraries off the internal harddrive (while I wait to get an external ssd) and they load super fast and play without glitches at a buffer of 64. It's amazing.

Pro tools has crashed a few times but only when I've been messing around with plugins like melodyne, bfd or Kontakt. I suspect it has to do with the plugins not being 100% stable on mavericks. People have been reporting all sorts of video issues with PT11 but strangely video has been rock solid for me. I'm not using an external video box like a black magic... Just playing it on a second monitor. Sync is great. Maybe those GPU's are worth it after all?
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