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Default DJs/Turntablists - Recording/Monitoring Question

I have my mixer going into the alternate inputs 7 & 8. I have the "Alt Source to 7 & 8" button selected. I need to record the output of the turntable AND be able to hear other tracks play while doing this.

Everything works fine if I route the turntables to 2 mono tracks with input from from 7 & 8. But when I try to use a stereo track(with input from 7 & 8), the other tracks won't play while I'm recording.

And I can't monitor the turntable/mixer output while Pro Tools plays. I record-arm the stereo track in an attempt to practice along with the other tracks but I don't get any sound.

Short version... while attempting to record the turntable output, the other tracks don't play. When playing the other tracks, I can't hear the turntables. What is preventing me from using a stereo track in this fashion?

My goal is to practice, then record some cuts & scratches onto a song. And I want the recorded track in stereo. Please help.
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